Problems with the snapshots

Hello, I had a problem with the snapshot function, because I tried to did a back up of my main session, and this snapshot replaced this session. How can I get back the main project? Best regards.

Snapshots do not “replace” the main session.

There are two actions related to snapshots: “Snapshot (&switch to new version)” and “Snapshot (&keep working on current version)”. The meaning of these two should hopefully be completely clear.

If you are working on a session called “foo”, then the session folder contains a file called “foo.ardour” which is always “the main project”. The only way this could change is if you chose to name the snapshot “foo” (which would be a silly thing to do).

The “Recent Sessions” list shown when you start up the program will have a small triangle “expander” for sessions that contain snapshots. If you double click on the session name itself, it will always open “the main project”. If you use the expander, you can see all snapshots plus the main project, and decide which one you want to open.