Problems with SC4 on Ardour 2.6

Hi everybody,

I’m using successfully Ardour on Ubuntu Linux (ardour 2.5) and recently also on a Intel Leopard Mac OS X (ardour 2.6). Everything works fine on Ubuntu.

All the projects I’m working in use the great SC4 plugin from Steve Harris. The problem I’m having is that when SC4 is enabled on Mac OS X, all the sound from all the tracks is muted. When I disable SC4 then everything goes back to normal.

I have checked the Issue tracker and discovered the following bug:

Does anybody knows if there is a solution to this problem? Is this a Ardour problem or a SC4 problem?

Thanks and regards

I had the same problem, resolving it by inserting an SC1 (bypassed anyway) in the same track.
What’s weird is that you only need one instance of the SC1 per session to have all the SC4s working

And, as usual, please excuse me for my bad english


@willy2406 Thank you, you made my day!

Many of SWH’s plugins are broken on OS X. You should use them with this expectation. The code does not use the correct, modern form of initialization for global data. Nobody has had the time or will to fix them.