Problems with resolution

Dear friends
I’m having a big problem with minimal Array graphics settings
I have two 1024x728 monitors because of technical space and I noticed that Daw does not fit this screen configuration.
Is there some kind of command that solves this?

Best regards

Rick Capellano

This has more to do with your window manager and graphics settings than Ardour itself I believe. This is assuming you are on Linux of course (Since you didn’t clarify). Some methods will attempt to take a single window and draw it across both screens, treating the two screens as one display surface, some will attempt to do a window per screen, but all of this is set outside of Ardour on Linux.


you can also set the environment variable ARDOUR_LOVES_STUPID_TINY_SCREENS and Ardour will make a few adjustments to try to work a little better with such small screens. We don’t do this by default (just based on the size of the screen) because that’s not preferred by many users.

Yes friends I use Linux to run Ardor, the screen itself of my Mate works great, all other software as well.
Only Ardor presents this “problem”.
As for the variables how do I do this?

Ahh after reading Paul’s response I may have misunderstood your issue, the issue you are having is the window doesn’t fit on either screen in that case, this makes sense and what Paul mentioned is correct. I am guessing you are using the icon to launch ardour, which would require a modification to the appropriate desktop file to launch the software via the env command and setting the appropriate variable.

Alternative to this though is to set it for all graphical application, which only Ardour really looks for it, so honestly not to much difference in reality and is perfectly fine:


Thank you very much
I’ll try now and give you some feedback.

@rickcapellano: actually, i forgot the other thing you should consider: change the font scaling in the GUI preferences. We pack a lot of text into the GUI, and on small screens the default font size tends to be just too small. This is easier to do than setting that environment variable (which controls other things, such as whether there are two clocks, whether the editor summary view is displayed by default etc.) We’re not a web browser or a text editor … it matters that you can see as much of the contents of the window at one time as possible; we’re not a drawing application where you can just zoom in/out to make things fit on the screen.