Problems with multiple times in a session

Hi everyone, I´m Alessandro from Italy.
I´ve just registered to Ardour´s forum.

I have a problem, I think it is a bug, but maybe I´m doing everything wrong and you can help me…

I´m recording a song of my band, just the guitar tracks.

The song starts with 130bpm, then goes 220, then back to 130 and so on for a couple of times.

THe problem is that the second time that I set a new Tempo of 220bpm, all previous Tempos move forward in the song, loosing the real position they should be…

I had the same problem with ardour 2.3 (binary package from UbuntuStudio repo, 64 bit).
Now I´m using ardour 2.5 compiled by myself, revision 3525, 64bit

In ardour 2.3 i could move the tempos again in the right position, with ardour 2.5 I can´t get them locked in a place.

If someone has a solution, I´ll be very happy :smiley:

I Apologize for my bad english :slight_smile:

Go on, Ardour kicks ass!

I have exactly the same problem. At first I was glad to see that the tempo-change function exists at all, but unfortunately it does not work for me. If remember it right, I tried switching from 140 to 110 and back and again and back…
I would be so glad if someone has a solution :slight_smile: . Ardour was already kind of like a life-saver for me, since I can’t afford any of the major commercial recording software as a student, but still need a professional recording tool. You guys rock! Keep up your great work! I hope some day Ardour will become a standard in professional audio applications.

Kevin (Germany)