Problems with midi bass

Hi, I tell you my problem. I’m trying to build a midi track for a bass with linuxsampler. The point is that I have problems with midis notes very close together. the first note sounds good but the ones that follow do not sound. help me please.

sorry my english is not very good I translated this with a translator, I hope you understand my question.

thank you very much

Hi! I have the same problem sometimes… I always solve this making a little gap between adjacent notes. Not only the linuxsampler has such issue, but many lv2 and .so plugins. It’s not so comfortable to work in such style, but ardour has no a polished midi environment today unfortunately. As I know, it’s a very complex task for developers to fix this kind of bugs, because it requires some fundamental rebuilding of midi things (again, as I know they are doing this just now). We can wait for the next release or use what we have.
One thing else: sometimes the first note in the midi region, which touches the beginning boundary of the region doesn’t sound. I also make a gap between the note and boundary in this case. The gap must be so small, as it can’t be heard (to do a very little adjustment the grid mode must be off: ‘No Grid’). If you have a large number of stand close notes - select them all and move the end of any of them. Usually, I use a ‘Ctrl+A’ combination to select all the notes in the region.