Problems with Intel Onboard ICH8 laptop chipset and jack

at first - i know the onboard soundchips are very, very poor and i dont expect a huge performance, but anyway, until i get a Express card for my multiface i just want to get the onboard sound working with jack, even with horrible latencies.
On my desktop machine i have a nforce3 soundchip which works better than expected, I can start jack in realtime mode with reasonable latencies without problems.
The issue on my laptop is: Alsa sound works in prinicple, jack can be started in realtime but independent of the buffer size - up to 4096 on the idle machine i get tons of xruns permanently. I have no clue where it comes from. Could this be an alsa driver issue? The ICH8 chipset is very new and the drivers are very “fresh”. But I am wondering that i can use the sound in without jack without problems. Any idea where this could come from?

Use -n 3 (three periods). It may help.

Hi Paul,
you are a magician :slight_smile: Great, that works. Thanks.