problems vs. audacity on a mac


I haven’t used Ardour in a bit mainly due to time. Since I last used I’ve made a number of quick mp3 mixes using audacity. Now that I wan’t to get back to some more serious attempts at putting something larger together I tried to open ardour today and got this message.

“You appear to have previously installed Audacity which altered your filesystem incorrectly. Ardour cannot run until this is corrected. To correct the error, type the following command into a Terminal window: chmod 755 /usr/local/lib”

And when I do that in the terminal I get this
“Unable to change file mode on /usr/local/lib: Operation not permitted”

Any help you might throw my way much appreciated.

Prefix the command with sudo.

If that doesn’t work, make yourself an administrative user, logout, log back in and run the command again (with sudo).

And write to the Audacity project and ask them (again) to stop doing this.

The problem is the LADSPA plugins package they distribute[d] (Not sure if it is current or not). It installed to /usr/local, which is correct, but installs with the incorrect permissions. Again I haven’t tested in some time to see if it is still the case or not.


No, the problem is that as part of the installation, they mess up the permissions on /usr/local/lib … we don’t care about the LADSPA package itself. They make /usr/local/lib unreadable by ordinary users, which means that Ardour cannot search it to see if JACK is installed. To be honest, we could drop this test, but it would mean that OS X users who want to use Ardour with JACK but also installed Audacity would never be offered the change to use JACK at all.

It is very depressing that Audacity’s installer is still making this error.

@paul Last I looked into this, and it was a while ago, I thought it was the *.pkg that distributed the LADSPA plugins, which I don’t even see on their site anymore (Just a .zip of SWH’s plugins). Their application has been distributed as a .dmg for some time, not an installer, at least as far as I remember. However as I said it has been a long time. Then again from the OP’s report he may have installed Audacity and the LADSPA plugins some time ago, which may be why he is running into it.


Sure, Audacity does that stuff. But it doesn’t cause us any problems. The problem is caused by the fact that they set /usr/local/lib to be unsearchable by a regular user. Thus, if JACK was installed (in /usr/local/lib) we can’t find it.