Problems using VST plugins


I have some problems with VST plugins on Ardour. Because there is no plugin delay compensation, it`s quite difficult or imbossible to use some plugins. Could I find out somewhere how much certain plugin makes delay so I could nudge track aback?

Or is there some else solutions to this problem?

You can you se plugin “Artificial latency” (part of swh-plugins) and dial in the appropriate amount of latency. The plugin doesn’t cause any latency, but reports latency to Ardour. This way that plugin can report the latency the VST plugin you are using isn’t reporting.

However, measuring the latency of the VST plugin can be quite difficult. You could try recording the output of the track to another track (before adding artificial latency) and try to visually see the latency.

but if the plugin doesn’t report the latency correctly, then neither ardour nor any other DAW can get it right automatically.