problems upgrading from 2.8.12 to 2.8.16 ardor

hi, I had installed Ardour 2.8.12 and I just downloaded the version 2.8.16 and I get in English and do not know how to change the language to Spanish, and not installed as an upgrade but a new one is downloaded and are the two installed at once, I can do to change the language again and if I can install it as an upgrade on the already had before?.

What platform are you using? Linux or OS X ? If OS X, there was a major mistake made with translation support in recent versions that will be fixed with a 2.8.17 version sometime in the future. This bug may also affect the Linux version as well.

We do not make older versions of Ardour available for download.

hola paul, otro problema que tengo es con la instalacion de los pluguins calf, en vista de que los descargue e instale y no aparecen todos disponibles para utilizar, me podria orientar en cuanto a este problema, ya que en la carpeta descargada estan todos pero no disponible en ardour?

Hi Paul, another problem I have is with the installation of pluguins calf, given that the download and install, and are not all available to use, could guide me regarding this problem, since in the downloaded folder are all but not available in ardor?

Try to symlink /usr/lib/lv2/ to /usr/lib64/lv2/ . This fixed the “missing plugins” for me on Fedora 17 and Ardour 3 Beta 5.

I’m on Fedora and installed the Calf-Plugins from the PlanetCCRMA-repository (or are they in Fedora-repos?). Sorry, I can’t give you any advices in compiling them.

Hello, thank you and excuse is that I’m new to this terminal and compilations, could you give me the link to the install complete and correct because of the way I explained in calf website not working, excuse my ignorance .

dbra not, I use ubuntu


I am assuming since this was posted in the Linux forums they are on Linux:)


yes, I’m using ubuntu linux 12.10