Problems to configure audio inputs in Ardour with Ubuntu 12.04

Did you really mean to post absolutely no information? Like what your problem is, what you are seeing, what your hardware is, etc.?


Sorry, I specified my problem, but I don’t know why it hasn’t been published. The thing is:

I’ve just updated my ubuntu to 12.04LTS. I’ve done it, step by step, from the 10.10 version. The problem is that I can´t configure the audio inputs in ardour. I open the mixer to tell the program which input of my Edirol UA-25 ex corresponds to the track I wanna record but the tab “system” doesn’t appear as it did before. So I can’t choose the imput.
With the 10.10 version it worked perfectly and I’ve checked the soundcard and works too.
Going back to the 11.10 or .04 versions involves formating my computer and installing everything again and it’s a little mess.

Thanks in advance and sorry again for the mistake.

In the master output I can see the system tab, but it doesn’t appear in the input… so I can’t choose between “input1” and “input2” as I could beforte the updating… I’ve directly come to 12.04 cause I tried once the 11.10 version and I didn’t like it at all…
Jack shows my card and it runs well (I mean jack).
I tried to uninstall and install it again from the Ubuntu Software Center… I’m going to try doing it from the website to see if it makes any difference, but my hope isn’t too high…
Thank you for your answer. I’ll tell you if I solve it.

@cholocan. i’ve used a lot Ubuntu and never updated the whole system without problems, during major updating all software is re written or partially updated, dependencies change, etc basically anything can happen to your system when you do a major update, and as you updated ALL, you won’t easily know what got screwed during update, i’m using AV Linux right now because it is very stable and fast, great for low latency but i still like Ubuntu a lot so…

My advice to you is to “backup” your info and have NO MERCY over your system:

  1. if you use your PC for everyday stuff, WAIT for the official release from Ubuntu Studio Team and install the whole system, you’ll probably see an improvement overall OR.
  2. If you only use your PC for AUDIO then Download and Install AV Linux which is GREAT for audio, almost everything works right after you’re done installing, some other things will need a little work and a lot of reading the manual.

Some extra info about updating:

Ubuntu has daily updating and major updates every 6 months, so every 6 months you’ll be facing this unless you install 12.04 which is LTS and stick with it, actually it would be a lot better to set it all up good and then turn off all updates.

AV Linux, thinking on the updates issue that Ubuntu has, is installed with all updates off, actually you are encouraged to NOT update the system or you’ll face system instability, since the system is already set up by default, all GNU-GPL software you could ever need for audio or video is already there.

I hope this helps.