Problems sending MIDI input from an external application using Jack


I managed to send MIDI from Supercollider to Ardour. Apparently I am using Jack 1.9.17

 jackd --version                                                                                                  
jackdmp version 1.9.17 

with Alsa and and a2jmidid as explained here The Ardour Manual

My problem is that I can only send to one port (MIDI through) and one channel.

This is how the Graph from QJackCtl looks like

The important parts are

  • Supercollider out0 → Midi Through Port 0
  • a2j Miti Through Port 0 → Midi5 Midi In

With this setup I can send MIDI events from Supercollider to Ardour through any channel and it works.

My problem is that I would like to send different events to different MIDI tracks in Ardour. I thought I could to do it by specifying different channels, and setting a different MIDI channel as MIDI input for each track, but I can’t. There is no way to set the channel.

How can I achieve that? Maybe I need to set it with Jack?

What I want is to be able to create Midi for different instruments from Supercollider and record them in Ardour.

I’m on Debian, using Ardour 6.5
Thanks in advance