Problems getting panning/stereo output working

I can’t seem to get panning working at all. I have some stereo guitar tracks recorded, and adjusting pans in the mixer has no result in the phones. I am using an m-audio delta 1010 (envy24control is really confusing…problem may be patching there?) The Ardour setup:The tracks were recorded with capture 1+2 (two mics obviously) and the outputs are 1+2. The 1010 1+2 outputs are mono cables that merge with a trs cable and go into my headphone amp. I also have to plug the phones in halfway to get sound on both sides…so I’m not sure if I’m hearing true stereo anyway.

Anyway…any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sounds to me like you’ve possibly wired incorrectly between the 1010 and your headphone amp. The 1010 has balanced outputs, I guess your headphone amp has unbalanced inputs as their on a single TRS jack. Was this a cable you made yourself ? The fact you have to pull the headphone jack out half way to hear both sides really points this way.

I used to work with the Delta-1010 and I also got stereo (e.g. 1+2) mixed down to mono in my headphones. Your problem lies in how you merge both mono signals to your headphones. I don’t have any quick solution for you except to work with a couple of monitors that accept RCA input. I switched to the RME Multiface II which has a true jack stereo output for (headphone) monitoring on its front panel. After fiddling around with this system for a few weeks now, I tell you, it is far more superior than the Delta-1010! but also 4 times more expensive unfortunately …

hard to answer without knowing how you’ve used envy24control.

Your setup is not true stereo, just the same mono signal on both ears.

Some nice people on #ardour helped me get this settled. It turns out it was the way I had it wired up to the headphone amp. Thanks everybody!