Problems compiling Ardour 3

in a first tim I Ask excuses cause of my English is not very well.
Ok I’m triying to compile Ardour 3 and i have a lot of problems. when i start de (waf configure) the confiruration don’t find a diferen jack libraris, because of this I decided compiled the last version of jack. but now when I try to do the configuration the configuration stop and give me a message that i don’t undestand the message is this:

Checking for jack_on_info_shutdown : present
Checking for new JACK latency API : missing - a version of JACK that supports jack_port_set_latency_range() is required to compile Ardour3
/home/lluis/3.0/libs/ardour/wscript:278: error: the configuration failed (see ‘/home/lluis/3.0/build/config.log’)

I don’t know what is JACK latency API, I’m lost some body cant help my? any idea???

Thanks a lot

First and foremost: Do not use the forums for anything A3 related please. We have IRC and Mantis for that. In your case IRC is your best bet.

Secondly is you need the latest release of Jack1 installed, Jack2 does not yet have this in it.