Problems at recording more than one track!

Hi everybody!

Well, I installed Ardour some time back and I’m still stuck at the same point.

When I try to record my first track everything goes OK, but when I try to record more tracks in the same project I don’t get any recording. It goes fine, but doesn’t draw anything or record anything beyond that first track.

I’m starting thinking it’s something related with my sound card. It’s an M-Audio Audiophile 1492, so there’s not much information out there.

By the way, I’m using Ubuntu 8.04

Some suggestions?


Don’t blame the sound card because if you record without problems the first track of every new ardour project, the sound card works. (By the way, do you mean Audiophile 2496?).
When you start a new ardour project there is a default option: “Autoconnect inputs to physical inputs”, that means that the input of your tracks are autoconnected to your system’s “captures”. I guess you have your micro or whatever instrument connected physically to input number one of your card, which Jack sees as system’s capture_1. When you add a new track, ardour autoconnects system capture_2 to that track, but there is no audio signal to that input, so nothing is recorded.
You have to manage your SOFTWARE audio CONNECTIONS.
You can make these connections through ardour itself, by means of the track-bus inspector (Window menu) or the mixer window (input button on top of each track).
But note that ardour depends on Jack, this is, it takes advantage of JACK (the Jack Audio Connection Kit) in order to, between other important things, route the audio inputs and outputs.
Try this: Run qjackctl and then start ardour. Press the Connect button and try making different connections so you can see how it works and why you can’t record anything if your capture_1 is not connected to the input of your track number 2.
I hope this helps.
By the way, where are you from, are you basque?