probleme for install

when in install ardour i have this message

"Welcome to the Ardour installer

Ardour will be installed for user louphoque in /opt

[sudo] Mot de passe de louphoque :
jeudi 20 avril 2017, 16:59:30 (UTC+0200)
Architecture is x86
/tmp/selfgz14552/.gcc-glibmm-abi-check: 1: /tmp/selfgz14552/.gcc-glibmm-abi-check: not found
/tmp/selfgz14552/.gcc-glibmm-abi-check: 2: /tmp/selfgz14552/.gcc-glibmm-abi-check: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

!!! ERROR !!! Can’t locate x86-gcc4 bundle file.
The installer detected the system as x86-gcc4, but this bundle
does not contain the files needed for that configuration."

can you help me

thank you

Looks like you downloaded the wrong version for your architecture, You have a 32 bit system, and I suspect you’ve downloaded a 64 bit version.

thank you for your reply
My system is ubuntu studio 64 bit
it’s correct ?

Your system does not appear to be a 64 bit system. Our installer identifies it as a 32 bit system based on the output of this command: uname -m

hello to ,you my system is a 64 bit i run many hours ago but i make a upgrade and then i have this problem
so i make a complete intallation and after i try for install ardour 5.8 with the command uname -m the return is X86_64
thank you for your reply

Perhaps you’re running a 32-bit userland on a 64-bit kernel. Some distros that for some reason want to stay 32-bit but also want to be able to address more RAM do that.

Run ‘ldd /bin/bash’ and see if it says anything about lib64 or x86-64.
If it doesn’t you’re running 32-bit userland and should download the 32-bit version of Ardour.