Problem with the "audio connections"

I have a very disturbing problem with the audio connections dialogue.

I very often by mistake create a track with only one output and want to add a second. This is easy to do BUT. When I add a new output to a specific track all the other tracks routing settings are changed. It seems to be somewhat random but the most common rerouting is that for example both output 1 and 2 get routed to the left master bus track and I need to go though all the tracks and change them to output 1 -> L and output 2 -> R…

Has anyone else seen this and what can be done about it?

Forgot to say that I have the problem both on Ardour 3 and 4 and I did not copy the settings from 3 when I installed 4.

You could choose in edit/preferences/audio: “auto-connect tracks & bus output to master”. It should fix your problem.

Well, I did try both with auto-connection on and off. No, difference (and yes, no other session management running in the background). I have this problem with A3 and A4 but not Mixbus 2.5.
No one else have had this problem?