problem with panner

Hi, I have a problem with ardour3 panner, multichannel surround panner respectively. I am using Ardour3 beta release3. If I play a track and add the panner, In manual mode I can slide it without problems. But if I change mode to play mode (to play written automatition) suddenly there is no sound. If reverted, sound is back. I don’t know, is it a bug? Or do I something wrong? Does someone have this problem too?

@rybinin: yes, its one of the major “functionality missing” bugs in a3 - no automation playback for the surround panner. It will be fixed before a3 is finally released.

But how to use surround panner without automation for multichannel mixing? Is there another possibility? i don’t understand. What are future plans for surround panner?

Ardour 3 official release is out but I have still the problem “no automation playback” during surround panner. What’s wrong? Wasn’t it fixed in 3.0.0 release? Thanks.

@rybinin: no. the surround panner was reimplemented, but there is no automation for it. I am not happy with the implementation either (there are many areas of 3.0 that still require substantial improvement)