Problem with midi sound

Hi I work with Ardour and Alesis v25. I did not have any problem connecting the midi to the Ardour. My routine is very strait forward:
First I create a midi track, then I connect the input like this:
And now what I press a key I hear a sound! As expected!!
Then I record a melody.
As far everything is normal, but when I am going to record a second melody to a other track something weird happens.Lets see:

First I disconnect the midi from track1 and create a second midi track and I connect it there.
(Now I can listen sound when I press a key)
But when I am trying to loop the track I get no sound.
If I open the rec of the midi2 I get a signal but I do not get the sound. I do not know what is happening there.
II can guess that something is going on with routing the signal but I can not understand more.
Has anyone any ideas?

‘V25 MIDI 2’ is likely for surface control and should never be used as MIDI-note input – that is not used for Midi tracks, the other one is.

You can organize each Midi track to listen for a different channel#… There’s many ways to organize this, so it’s probably easier for starters to use ‘Midi Input follows Midi Track selection’

  • MIDI input follows MIDI track selection allows Ardour to automatically connect the MIDI input to the selected track. Selecting a different MIDI track results in Ardour disconnecting the MIDI device from the former track and connecting it to the newly selected one, so that the MIDI device is always connected to the selected track. Which MIDI device will follow selection can be chosen below.

Thank you for your reply but still I have not understand the problem.
My goal is to loop a track and then jam it with midi keyboard on top.
Is ardour let only one track listen to midi while playing the loop?
I am really confused here.

If I have understood currectly the Architecture goes something like this:
(please correct me if I am wrong)
midi keyboard offers a interface to ardour. This interface in Alesis v25 for example is that the keyboeard is on channel 1 and the pads is on channel 10.
The ardour sees the midi from the Jack server and connects to it and listen of changes.
Then if I want to connect a midi track to the midi input I am going to connect it from this interface:

Does this make sense to you?

if you still get “no sound” then you need to make sure that

  1. You have a “synth plugin” on the track.
  2. That the synth plugin’ green light is “lit up”. (you can actually click on the small green circle on the plugin)

if those two things are not true, then you won’t get any sound…

About “loop-recording” - is not a simple task for Ardour at this moment. Ardour can’t record midi to the track while loop playing is enabled. You can record only one “take”. If you’ve made (recorded) a midi part (region) and want to play it many many times - just select it and press Alt+D - this will duplicate the region so much times as you press. Than you can record a long jam part during the first short part will play repeatedly.

Also, you need to control the mode of these knobs (Enable/Disable MIDI Input; Monitor Input):

The lower one (Monitor Input) - lets you hear what you are playing during playback without recording (by the way this working fine in the loop mode). So if you want to practice your complex part without recording - the loop mode will work for you. But, unfortunately, you’re not able to record.

Here are two old step-by-step video examples of multi layered recordings (may be will help):

Synthetic drums midi record:

Acoustic drums midi record:

Also a couple of outdated discussions:

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