Problem with Mackie MCU Pro and Ardour 3 (except 3.0)

Hello :slight_smile:

I got an automation problem with Ardour 3 and Mackie MCU Pro - I’m not sure if I just did something wrong:

  • It happens with all of my Ardour 3 projects with fader automation (3 or 4 tracks)

  • Fader automation works completely fine as long as I just use a mouse or a touchpad to fade

  • Now I go to the Mackie MCU Pro which is connected to Ardour and I try to do fader automation with Mackie:

  • under Ardour 3.0 it works fine

  • under newer versions (I have checked it under 3.1.10, 3.3., 3.4, 3.5, 3.5.14, 3.5.74, 3.5.143, 3.5.308) I get an uneven volume curve. The result sounds bad. I was surprised because I learned that 3.5.143 has fixed some bugs with Mackie Control support.

  • I have uploaded a screenshot of the curve:

  • First I thought it might be a problem of my old PC but I have checked it also with a recent i7 notebook and got the same results.

  • distributions: KXStudio and UbuntuStudio 12.04

  • With Ardour 3.5.308 Mackie’s blue LCD display (above the faders) stays empty, and the faders do not react to anything what happens in Ardour…

I suppose that I just make a mistake…?
I did not want to post a bug report because I suppose if anyone else had made the same experience he would have posted it already…

Thanks a lot.


You are referring to the spikes in the curve as it rises?

Thank you Paul - yes exactly. :slight_smile: (Sorry for my English…)


This is a bug, pure and simple. It fits in rather nicely with a discussion taking place on the ardour-users mailing list. I will get a fix out for this ASAP. There is no workaround for it. My apologies.

You needn’t to apologize, Paul - Ardour is great in general, and fortunately I still had my Ardour 3.0 installation package so I could proceed working :-).

Would it be helpful if I wrote a bug report on MantisBT or isn’t it necessary any more?

mk1967: i’m already mostly done fixing it.

Thank you so much, Paul - it’s fixed and I’ve just enjoyed to start working with 3.5.357. :slight_smile:

Even the “Touch” automation mode works perfectly (I guess it’s called “Touch” in English - it’s the German mode “Aendern”) - this had still been a problem on my former Ardour 3.0 systems. Now: Wonderful!

Thank you again