problem with interface

i’ve been downloading ardour5.4 and it seems to be broken. there’s no full sceen mode and there is no under bar to move forward and backward my tracks. please help

On which operating system is that? Can you make a screenshot?

a few guesses: (1) an older version of Ardour was quit with fullscreen enabled. A5.4 starts and enters fullscreen mode (try ctrl+shift +F to toggle) or (2) the main Ardour window is larger then the desktop (use Preferences > GUI > Scaling – Linux + Windows only) to reduce the size.

hi, i’am on debian.
ctrl+shift+F doesn’t work !!!
and when i go to preference > GUI > scaling this doesn’t change anything except the font scale.
the problems are not solved.
how do i do to post a screenshot?

Take a screenshot and upload it to an image sharing website such as or similar. Then tell us the URL you get from there.

here is my screenshot from scaling menu.
sorry but i’m french

Hmm, it isn’t clear to me that anything is wrong.

(1) There is never a “bar to move forward and backward (in) my tracks”. Ardour doesn’t have scrollbars in the editor area. We use the scroll wheel and/or keyboard shortcuts and/or the light gray area in the track summary area which can be dragged left, right, up or down to move what it visible.

(2) What do you mean by “there’s no full screen mode” ?

it definitely looks like the window is too tall for 768px. So it can neither be maximized nor become fullscreen.
You can try to detach the Preferences (Menu > Window > Preferences > Detach) – The preference pane is the window that causes this issue.

(the gnome3 header + window title bar already take away precious 70 px vertical space, an odd choice for small screens – shrinking those may also help)

it’s okay, i’ve modified the scaling again and it fits my screen.
thank’s a lot for your comments.
good music !!!

it wasn’t ctrl+shift+F but ctrl+alt+F.
it works fine for me