Problem with GLIBCXX_3.4.11


I try to install ardour 2.8.12 on my system but I have a problem.

There is a part of the message error:

“Ardour_x86_64-2.8.12_10146/bin/ardour-2.8.12: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11’ not found (required by Ardour_x86_64-2.8.12_10146/bin/ardour-2.8.12)”

However when I do


it tell

chapolin@pgo:~$ locate libstdc++

Can you help me ?

Thank you by advence

@chapolin: you are using a version of Linux that doesn’t have a new enough version of libstdc++. This was reported on IRC the other day by a user of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The relevant version of libstdc++ has been out for some considerable time, so your distribution’s version must be rather old. What distribution is it, and what version of it does your package manager say is installed?

Thank you for the answer.
My distribution is Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 and my package manager say it is libstdc++ 4.2.4 .
Currently I have installed ardour 2.8.11.

@chapolin: I’m afraid that this is way too old. I may release 2.8.13 with less “current” requirements, but until then you’ll need to either (a) wait for Ubuntu to package 2.8.12 for 8.04 (b) build it yourself © find someone who has an upgrade for libstdc++. Note that (a) seems unlikely because Hardy’s support on the desktop ended in April of this year.

Arf … ok I will try to update my ubuntu !
Thanks a lot for your work with Ardour !!

I udpdated my ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04 and now it work fine !