Problem with exporting

I need some help, I´ve been some days struggling with this and cannot find the whys and the hows. I have a session, what I hear “in” Ardour is fine, after the export the volume of one of the tracks is lower than it should.

I have one DI guitar track, a second track with an overdub for the first one, they run into a stereo bus, which has some compression and reverb send, then that stereo bus feeds equally two stereo buses, in each of which I set up a different amp sim. The output of those two buses then run into a 4 in 2 out bus, that gives me the ability of switching from one amp to the other with a crossover plugin. This “A/B” bus goes directly to master out.

Well that sounds nice in Ardour and I think I have my chain properly connected, but I must have something wrong because after I exported the session there is this difference in volume between guitar and the rest of the instruments. I´ve been messing with deactivating tracks and plugins to no avail.

Any hint or thought is appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry for posting that in this section, I thought I had selected “how do I…”. Maybe a mod can move it :blush:

What are you exporting? The master outs or specific tracks?

Master outs, I´ve checked in channels tab that those are selected as normal. Btw when I said reverb send in that stereo bus I said it wrong, the reverb send is in the final A/B bus. Not that I think that is really relevant but maybe the detailed description of what´s happening in the signal flow may bring up some thoughts.
Thanks for answering, I´m ruling out a bug by now as I know I am no expert neither in audio or specifically in Ardour, plus since I´ve installed it I haven´t really had any problem beyond xruns when high DSP load.

Can it be a misconfiguration in your audio chain and something you did not intend gets mixed into the output cancelling part of the signal ?

Maybe you should just build another session with the same signal flow and check the exported output every step while adding steps to the signal routing. This would rule out any mistakes you may have unintentionally made. If it still does not work you could file a bug report and add the session to the report.

Ok, got it right now, thanks for your suggestions, I was just about to record the master output on a new audio track in the same session, but my DSP was bothering so I picked the Kick to be freezed, after succesful freezing I was hearing the guitars at the same low volume I heard them in those exports. So I just adjusted levels and now exports are ok.
I guess it has to be with some plugins, but it’s still a very strange situation, the plugins I had in that Kick drum are very much the same I am using in most tracks: calf multiband gate, eq6q by Pere Ràfols (very nice eq btw), x42-eq, calf compressor, reverb and compressor sends. Maybe it’s just a DSP thing, maybe I was exporting right at the limit of processing without an xrun, maybe if I just freezed any other track it would have worked, I don’t know and don’t really have the cheer for messing around with it, I need to move forward xD
Anyhow these things are the ones that despite despair make me learn a lot, so now I feel some steps further in the success path x )

By the way are the forum admins considering to give users the ability to edit/delete posts/threads? I hate when I mess with the right order of things (which occurs more than I wished) and just have to openly admit my clumsiness without the option of rapidly hide it and act like nothing happened :slight_smile:

There are many many reports on this site about calf plugins misbehaving in many ways. Using them seems to invite all kinds of trouble. Maybe they are the source of your problems ?

No! they can´t be! x )