Problem with archiving (session path)

When trying to archive a session, I consistently get “Archiving failed” with log message:

Cannot archive: session media-search path does not include current session-path.

AFAICS the session path is implied:

What am I missing?

Is this on macOS?

Where does the session live on the local disk?
Does /volume1/Storage0/... exist and is it a case-senstive file-system?

Hi Robin, this is Fedora Linux, not MacOS.

The session lives on /volume1/Storage0/Recordings/September/20230808 (an NFS mounted volume).

% cd /volume1/Storage0/Recordings/September/20230807/Prayer_To_The_Wind
% ls -l
drwxr-xr-x 2 jv jv   4096 Aug 29 17:25 analysis/
drwxr-xr-x 2 jv jv   4096 Aug 29 17:24 backup/
drwxr-xr-x 2 jv jv   4096 Aug 29 17:24 dead/
drwxr-xr-x 2 jv jv   4096 Aug 30 07:49 export/
drwxr-xr-x 2 jv jv   4096 Aug 29 22:35 externals/
-rw-r--r-- 1 jv jv   3115 Aug 30 10:02 instant.xml
drwxr-xr-x 3 jv jv   4096 Aug 29 17:24 interchange/
drwxr-xr-x 2 jv jv  12288 Aug 30 08:51 peaks/
drwxr--r-- 9 jv jv   4096 Aug 30 07:51 plugins/
-rw-r--r-- 1 jv jv 867176 Aug 30 08:52 Prayer_To_The_Wind.ardour
-rw-r--r-- 1 jv jv 868918 Aug 30 08:01 Prayer_To_The_Wind.ardour.bak
-rw-r--r-- 1 jv jv  34808 Aug 30 08:01 Prayer_To_The_Wind.history
-rw-r--r-- 1 jv jv  34808 Aug 29 22:46 Prayer_To_The_Wind.history.bak

The sesion is fully functional (it can find all files it needs). All audio files are in interchange/Prayer_To_The_Wind/audiofiles, midi in interchange/Prayer_To_The_Wind/midifiles/.

OK. I initially suspected it is because of some Mac oddity that can map/loop-mount external disks which are placed in /Volumes/ into a /private namespace.

The error message is slightly misleading though. Session-archive looks for “session_dirs” (here /volume1/Storage0/Recordings/September/20230808). Session > Options > Location should have no effect for the issue at hand.

Could you upload Prayer_To_The_Wind.ardour session-file or alternatively check if it contains a Config with a non-empty “raid-path” ?

    <Option name="raid-path" value=""/>

Otherwise I am out of ideas right now.

This is the config part of Prayer_To_The_Wind.ardour:

    <Option name="use-region-fades" value="1"/>
    <Option name="use-transport-fades" value="1"/>
    <Option name="use-monitor-fades" value="1"/>
    <Option name="native-file-data-format" value="FormatFloat"/>
    <Option name="native-file-header-format" value="WAVE"/>
    <Option name="auto-play" value="0"/>
    <Option name="auto-return" value="1"/>
    <Option name="auto-input" value="1"/>
    <Option name="triggerbox-overrides-disk-monitoring" value="1"/>
    <Option name="cue-behavior" value="FollowCues"/>
    <Option name="punch-in" value="0"/>
    <Option name="punch-out" value="0"/>
    <Option name="count-in" value="0"/>
    <Option name="session-monitoring" value=""/>
    <Option name="record-mode" value="RecLayered"/>
    <Option name="draw-opaque-midi_regions" value="0"/>
    <Option name="subframes-per-frame" value="100"/>
    <Option name="timecode-format" value="timecode_30"/>
    <Option name="minitimeline-span" value="120"/>
    <Option name="raid-path" value=""/>
    <Option name="audio-search-path" value="/volume1/Storage0/Recordings/September/20230807/Prayer_To_The_Wind/interchange/Prayer_To_The_Wind/audiofiles"/>
    <Option name="midi-search-path" value="/volume1/Storage0/Recordings/September/20230807/Prayer_To_The_Wind/interchange/Prayer_To_The_Wind/midifiles"/>
    <Option name="track-name-number" value="0"/>
    <Option name="track-name-take" value="1"/>
    <Option name="take-name" value="Take15"/>
    <Option name="jack-time-master" value="1"/>
    <Option name="use-video-sync" value="0"/>
    <Option name="video-pullup" value="0"/>
    <Option name="external-sync" value="0"/>
    <Option name="insert-merge-policy" value="InsertMergeRelax"/>
    <Option name="timecode-offset" value="0"/>
    <Option name="timecode-offset-negative" value="1"/>
    <Option name="slave-timecode-offset" value=" 00:00:00:00"/>
    <Option name="timecode-generator-offset" value=" 00:00:00:00"/>
    <Option name="glue-new-markers-to-bars-and-beats" value="0"/>
    <Option name="midi-copy-is-fork" value="1"/>
    <Option name="glue-new-regions-to-bars-and-beats" value="0"/>
    <Option name="realtime-export" value="0"/>
    <Option name="use-video-file-fps" value="0"/>
    <Option name="videotimeline-pullup" value="1"/>
    <Option name="wave-amplitude-zoom" value="0"/>
    <Option name="wave-zoom-factor" value="2"/>
    <Option name="show-summary" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-group-tabs" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-region-fades" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-busses-on-meterbridge" value="0"/>
    <Option name="show-master-on-meterbridge" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-midi-on-meterbridge" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-rec-on-meterbridge" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-mute-on-meterbridge" value="0"/>
    <Option name="show-solo-on-meterbridge" value="0"/>
    <Option name="show-monitor-on-meterbridge" value="0"/>
    <Option name="show-name-on-meterbridge" value="1"/>
    <Option name="show-fader-on-meterbridge" value="0"/>
    <Option name="meterbridge-label-height" value="0"/>

I’m still struggling with this one… Any progress or new insights?

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