Problem with a project with moved sounds


i testet in an project some sounds, deleted them oder moved them (all .SF2 Sounds).
After that i wanted to save it as a new project, but severall errors like this come.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-11-20 20-24-02

Note: The project had only 2 midi track and the used SF2 sound i loaded new.

Is there a cleaning option, that early used sounds, who are not used any more get cleaned in the project?
More sounds, who are not used any more made an error message like that. The sounds are deleted or moved now - so Ardour can’f find it any more - but i in the project they aren’t used any more…hmmm…?

Hmm… you could maybe try one of the clean-up options, which will delete your unused resources:

But you may want to wait for one of the principals to chime in.

I made all cleanup options. It seems for me, that Ardour makes a setting for every sound i test and save all these things…hmmm…that brings a lot of waste in the project, doesn’t it?

How about saving just the stems and reimport them into a new project? Saves you at least, to redo the recording and editing of the audio tracks.
And for your next project: Before making changes for testing reasons, simply make a snapshot, so that you can go back to the point before the test, in case, it wasn’t what you expected.

I think, it should be always possible, to save a project under a another path without errors.

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That’s undisputed. But maybe, you didn’t really remove everything as intended and something is still linked in some hidden tracks or bus automations.

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