problem trying to run ardour

hi im fairly new to linux. i downloaded and installed ardour 3.5.357 and also installed jack 2 but for some reason when trying to open ardour i get the following error message
“Could not reconnect to the Audio/MIDI engine”
can someone help me.
is there something i need to configure before trying to open ardour?

Thanks for the help.

Well the trick here is there are two separate pieces of software, Ardour is dependant on Jack. It sounds like Jack is not configured properly in your case. Technically we need more information to know what is really going on, which can be gotten by trying to start Jack independently via QJackCTL, which will likely fail, but there you can see what messages it creates in the message window.

Generally the most common problem is setting up realtime permissions…


another endless warning: it is more or less impossible/useless attempting to provide you with help on this via a web forum. the process of fixing your setup involves walking you through a series of rapid steps to diagnose and correct your configuration. this is best done in a real time chat context, which is why we prefer to use IRC for this. See the “Support” link at the top of this page to see how to get onto IRC (you can do it from within the very web browser that you’re reading this in, if you prefer).

this is the message i get when i try to start qjackctl "Could not connect to JACK server as client.

  • Overall operation failed.
  • Unable to connect to server.
    Please check the messages window for more info."
    thanks for the help

(for the record, on IRC we discovered that aaronolaguibert had two copies of JACK installed on his system which is pretty much guaranteed to mess things up)