Problem track must be explicitly muted; seems to "ignore" soloing of other tracks


In my current project, I have one misbehaving track. Let’s call it Track X. Track X plays unless I explicitly mute it. All the other tracks behave normally – that is, if I solo Track A, the remaining tracks are muted (unless I solo them too).

Presently, if I want to hear only Track A, I have to solo Track A and mute Track X.

Any thoughts on what I might have done to Track X to give it such an inflated sense of self-importance, and how to undo that?


You may have solo-isolated Track X. Right click on the solo button and check. “Solo-Isolate” means, in essence, “I don’t care what everybody else’s solo status is, I must be heard”. The track is isolated from solo effects.

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Thank you, Paul!

I didn’t immediately find “Solo Isolate” – I misread your reply and was right-clicking the general track area instead of the “S” button explicitly – but I found another way to do the same thing:


The “Iso” light below the record button is red when enabled, off when disabled.

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