Problem opening video. Ardour 6 Mac OS Catalina

Hello everyone. I am totally new to Ardour and just trying to get the hang of the application after working with Logic for years and ProTools before that. So far I think Ardour is really great. I’m having a problem with video however and I wonder if anyone could give a hand. I go to Session -> Open Video and navigate to a video and then I seem to be able to import a converted version of it without problem. The thing is that then the video sometimes does’t show up at all in the Edit window and if it does, then the thumbnails are not drawn at all. Also, when I go to Window -> Video Monitor I’m never able to actually open any separate window to see the video. I know that something is weird because if I try to then reopen the same video file Ardour prompts me to ask if I want to replace the existing file. I’m sure that I’m doing something basic wrong here but the manual is rather thin in the area of working with video. I’m on a 2020 MacBook Pro OS 10.15.7
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Go to Applications>Jadeo and open it manually, it will likely tell you that OS X won’t open it due to application signatures. Right-Click (CTRL-CLICK) and select Open, and you shoudl be able to open it anyways, then close it and reopen Ardour and see if that makes a difference for you.


Ah I do not have Jadeo on my computer. Was that supposed to be installed along with Ardour or do I get that separately?

Thank you very much for your reply!

It comes bundled with Ardour DMG, but you have to separately drag/drop it to Applications.
Alternatively you can also directly get it from

It’s still odd that the video on the timelime does not show. Perhaps you’re using some recent[ish] new video codec that is not yet supported?

Can you try with a test-video: ?

Thank you Robin and Seablade!

xjadeo did the trick! Thank you also for that test video link. That was really helpful. Oddly I think some of my video files didn’t work because they are probably too old rather than too new.

Yes! Up and running!

Thanks again.

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