Problem Installing Plug-ins

On Fedora 14 i686 here.

I’ve been trying to install plug-ins but I’m running into some problems.

First, so you guys know what plug-ins I was installing, it was this one:

So I extracted the .tar file on my desktop, I used gcc to compile it just fine using the command “make install”. Checked usr/lib/ladsa, saw the files there.

Went into Ardour, I don’t see any of the plug-ins.

Am I missing a step here?

Any help would be great. Thanks!

hmmmmm, did you try running “ldconfig” after installation?

Can you please run me through how to do “Idconfig”?

I don’t think you would normally need to do ldconfig after installing plugins, normally the plugin is just a .so file (or a .lv2 folder in the case of LV2 plugins), which ardour will look for along various paths (such as /usr/lib/ladspa or /usr/lib/lv2) when it starts. After that, ardour loads the .so file(s) containing the plugin(s) when you select one from the menu (right click on one of the black squares above or below the fader in the channel strip to get a menu of options for selecting a plugin)


You are correct, too much compiling and installing on my side…, Ardour should detect them immediately at start up if placed in the right path.