problem installing Ardour


I’m have a problem with installing Ardour and wonder if I might get a bit of help.

I’ve downloaded Ardour_64bit-3.5.380 and I’m attempting to install it on Ubuntu Studio 14.04.01.

I’m following the install procedure outlined on the Ardour website by typing commands in the terminal. The problem is when I enter the second command, ‘tar xf name-of-the-tar-file’ terminal says no such file exists. I can see the Ardour .tar file in the downloads folder.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


“name-of-the-tar-file” is not literal… you should replace it with Ardour_64bit-3.5.380-dbg.tar

Although in saying that, is this version not available through synaptic or some other Ubuntu software installer ?

Yes, I understood this was not literal and had typed in ‘Ardour_64bit-3.5.380-dbg.tar’ and ‘Ardour_64bit-3.5.380-dbg’.
I’m not familiar with Linux commands which makes things difficult I’m afraid. I’ve looked at synaptic installer, and Ardour 3 is already installed though I had understood it was better to install the actual download, so if I can, I’d like to get this working, thanks.

All okay now, I have managed to install Ardour, with help from Read me document. I navigated to the Folder ‘Ardour_x86_64-3.5.380-dbg’ and entered ./ Apologies for posting before reading the Read me!

Something that’s good to know about linux, is that the command line is case sensitive, f.ex ardour isn’t the same as Ardour.

Just thought you should know.

a usefull thing to remember is that there is autocomplete in the terminal. if you partially type something and hit tab it will autocomplete if thereis an obvious match for what you have started to type.

I’m usually paying pretty close attention to type case etc. That said, it’s good of you to mention it because it can be easily overlooked. I’m still puzzled as to why the original command didn’t work, but I’ll learn about these things as I go.

veda_sticks, thanks for info on the tab key, I’ll remember that. I’m getting a few things done in the terminal now, slowly getting used to it, but so much to learn.