Problem exporting projet

Thank you very much for this great software.!!!
I’m new on ardour, and I’m new in sound editing too…
Sorry if it’s a banal question or if it’s a banal problem.
I edited a recordig ,(The original recording I imported is flawless) I did a lot of cuts to have a flawless track.
All sound very very good and very very great.(No red peaks in the mix and I have only a stereo track)
The problem is when I export.
The resulting wav file is distorted in the loud points and “strange” in others.
If I open this file with audacity I find a lot of red peacks never seen in the ardour project.
I tried to put an amplifer and to put it to -5 db.and export all.
It sound better (without red peacks in audacity) but it’s not perfect , in some points sound seem at the edge of distortion…

What’s the matter?
What could I do?
Have I to use compressors?
Is it a problem about my pc and soundcard?
I’m on ubuntu maverick and on an Asus PRO62J notebook with integrated souncard.

Thank you in advance, sorry for my english… and if It’s a problem previous discussed… sorry and, please… a link…


Hi guys
Sorry I have an other problem exporting.
I’m using vst rev plugin.
I use it in send way and not like an internal plugin, because I need preset, internal plugin has not.
So it’s like an external program .
All sound very very great…but always problems when I export
The resulting file is full of scratch noise etc…(there are no red peaks,only noise and scratchs)
(I payed attention to select only master trak when I export)
I notice when I export red head cursor continuously stops an goes.
Where is my mistake in exporting?
I solved in this way:I record the master in a new track and I export it in a second time.In this way the result is great
Is there an other faster way to export ?.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you Paul!!
Good to know.
I used plugins like “free verb” or “classic verb” (whitout preset), and lexicon verb plugins (with preset), and all these plugs seem they support only “real time way”…

Greetings and thank you again

@carmar: freeverb is available as a LADSPA plugin that has no issues with faster-than-realtime.

Yes thank you , just seen it.
My problem arised when I wanted some presets to have certain “concert hall” situations, that only some vst have.
By the way only a matter of time…no problem I’ll exported all, by recording in “real time”.

Thank you very much

@carmar1791: sounds like the rev plugin you are using doesn’t like being run in “faster than realtime mode”. If that’s true (and there are plugins that have this issue) then there is no possible way to export faster than realtime, which is what you are doing already.

It is hard to say without hearing the mix itself. Obviously if you go over 0 dB in Ardour on Export it will certainly be distorted, but in as far as what is going on when it doesn’t, hard to say without seeing the session and hearing the mix.


My guess is that you exported not only the master tracks but some individual tracks as well.

Check the Specific tracks (as seen here to make sure you haven’t enabled anyone of them

I were desperate!
You are right! It was selected both master and thack1
Now all right!!!Great!

Thank you again and complimenti for this software and for this marvellous forum!

Greetings to all