Printing an ardour session (to paper)

Hi all,

I’m working on something where I’m using ardour for its wonderful capabilities as a multitrack mixer and editor, but most of the composition and recording happens outside of ardour.

I automated the insertion (by modifying the xml session file with a script) of labels for events in the ~40 minute thing to help me coordinate with external systems… but of course now the arrangement of clips in ardour and events that happen in ardour are becoming more important too, so I’d like to just print out a visual reference of the timeline view basically as a reference while I continue work on the thing.

I’m just taking screenshots at the proper zoom level and stitching them together in a graphics program, then arranging them to be printed legibly now.

That’s not a process I’ll be doing very often, so it’s OK that it’s very manual – I’m curious to ask though, has anyone else needed this and found a nicer approach to printing a visual reference of labels and regions, tracks, automation, etc? – everything visible in the editor view basically.

It begs the question: why not just keep the ardour session for reference open while I write elsewhere! It’s mostly a matter of preference. I don’t have a large enough monitor to fit the entire session in view at once with enough detail to be useful, but I can spread lots of paper over a table and scribble away a little more comfortably that way. I also like to actually scribble on the references themselves.

I’m curious to hear if anyone is doing such a thing and they’ve found a nice way to go about it!

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