Pressurewound (dubby dubstep)

Ardour5, electric bass, drums, Yoshimi synth

Let this be my introduction to the forum. I’m using Ardour6 now, which was definitely an improvement over 5 for MIDI-based production.


nice sounding bass guitar

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Thanks! I’m obsessed with bass sound, glad it’s coming through.

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Love the bass sound. Care to share the EQ settings you used?
Did you recorded it directly in the mixer/sound card or through a real amp?

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Nice sound and nice ambient inthere! Well done

Here you go! Several notes on that:

  • iirc the bass was a Squier Jazz Bass with the bridge pickup turned slightly louder

  • I always record direct to board, because I need the sub response.

  • There’s a lot of sub bass, that’s just how this genre works.

  • The lowest note in this piece is E, but my bass was actually tuned to D. When I want to use D (i.e. the empty string, leersaite, fret 0) and get as much sub response as on the other frets, I need to boost the base frequency (D1 36.7 Hz) by about 15 dB with a Q of 20-30. If you tune to E and want sub response, you will probably need to do the same with E1’s base frequency.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


First, great name for this composition! Liking the spartan arrangement with phatt bass and tooth rattling snare drum! As others have said great bass tone and a cool idea to mix electric bass in a dubstep kind of context!

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