Pressing "REC/RDY" button on strip #N of "Mackie Logic Control" causes "REC/RDY" to be enabled/disabled for all strips #1 through strip #N

I have a used 2001 “Mackie Logic Control” running in “Mackie Control mode” connected into ardour’s “mackie control in” and “mackie control out”. Except for “REC/RDY”, all other strip buttons seem to work ok (for instance, pressing “solo” or “mute” or “select” on strip #n causes only strip #n’s corresponding setting to change in ardour). However, pressing “REC/RDY” on strip #n for some reason causes all strips from #1 to strip #n to enable record in ardour, and also causes the LED next to each “REC/RDY” button to turn on in my Mackie Logic Control unit. Pressing that strip’s “REC/RDY” button again will turn off all “REC/RDY” from strip #1 to strip #n also. (Note the remainder of the record enable and “REC/RDY” leds after after strip #n remain unchanged).

So it seems Ardour is mistakenly producing undesired extra record enable events for these strips #1 through strip #n-1.

I’m on Ardour v6.9.0

Just a thought to make sure all strips are not “selected” (for example if they are all created in one step) or that they are not part of a group that has the record enable shared. Other than that I don’t know.

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