Pressing delete deletes wrong layer

When I’m working with a layered track, highlighting a layer by clicking on it and pressing delete deletes a different layer. I don’t know if this is somehow intended or if this is a bug, but I guess I’m going to stick with using the right-click menu.

I just realized that because of this, I might have deleted good takes instead of bad takes and now I can’t undo this because I have quit and restarted Ardour since. Not happy.

nick_livings: ardour, like other DAWs is a non-destructive editor. It does NOT delete data. It also retains history across edits unless you tell it not to (though there is a (user-configurable) limit to how much history it will retain). The takes you mistakenly removed are still present, probably most easily accessible in the Regions tab of the Editor “lists” on the right hand side of the editor.