Presonus studio One is now Linux

That kind of thing caught my eye

Will they also provide device support???


this is really interesting! looking forward to see things develop in this direction :slight_smile:

  • Studio One is a Wayland application and won’t run in an X11 session.
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I’m not moving away from Ardourin/Mixbus. Linux support seems to be expanding in general. Time will tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Can you predict what the future will bring?


It’s overall good news. I expect more plugin vendors will follow and the overall Linux Audio ecosystem improve.


Well, no luck for us Linux Mint 21.2 users. Studio One needs libcairomm >=1.16.2, we are on 1.12 something…

They are still learning to fly. In time it will work. As long as they understand how to build these.

Just downloaded and installed. It works! But very unstable, hangs on vst scanning or audio hardware setup. But it is! Another big DAW comes to Linux! I’m so happy about it, I’m gonna buy it for sure if there will be a stable release.

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