Presonus Studio live

i finally manage to record and playback 24+2(stereo mix) using ardour 3 beta5 and presonus studio live 24.4.2 i am very thankful to the ardour devs on making this wonderful DAW. i’m hooked to this app now that is working with presonus studio live. screenshots to follow.

Hi scriptwarlock,

Why do you choose to use Ardour instead of the Presonus offerings?

I have my own opinions, of course, but I was wondering what motivated you.


yes you did scriptwarlock. glad to hear everything is working out great for you.

a linux user and sound engineer for quite sometime working with the local and international artists like fra lippo lippi, stylistics and etc… my requirements are so complex :D, a DAW that requires less tweaks, works well with my linux laptop/pc, a resource efficient and can interact with some of my audio consoles used live. ardour and presonus studio live 24 meets my needs and i can easily capture/playback the band/events live performance 24+2stereo tracks simultaneously. i’ll be testing sooner the digidesign sc48 with ardour let’s see if i can have a positive feedback on this. if i have a home recording studio i’ll invest on this duo since i am now familiar with the setup.

although presonus offers a lot of good stuff but i am contented of what i have today. so instead of buying those resource hungry DAWs and plugins that i need not i’d rather hand some tokens to ardour and ffado as well to make their apps getting better, anyway i save a lot of this duo. by the way i am waiting for harisson mixbus and ardour 3 release. that’s all and for me i made a smart move and cost saving decision, did i ben?.

Hi scriptwarlock!

That is awesome news as I was looking at buying interfaces/preamps etc to use with Ardour. It didn’t make sense because after buying all these things I would have spent about $2000. Then a friend introduced me to the Presonus 24.4.2 which is serious bang for buck!! Anyway, would you kindly give us instructions on how you achieved this and which distribution you used?


@apakuki, nothing fancy check my screenshots.

its very nice to know that machine works with FFADO!!!