PreSonus Inspire1394

Hi, I took a break for a while after foolishly meddling with stuff I had a rush project and Jumped over to the “Dark Side” for a bit to get it done.

Anywho, I really, really, really, want to get back to linux/ardour etc… on my Q6600 PC. I recently bought a PreSonus Inspire1394, I have read that it is supported in freebob, yet ffado has it as “reported working”, but doesn’t list it as fully supported. This makes is a bit nervous. Since this thing needs software to adjust levels, set boost and Phantom power etc., I’m curious as to what program i need to use to do that.



To my knowledge there is no program to do that. I know of one person that would set the levels and leave it from a different OS and then do his recording in Linux and had success with that until he upgraded to a new version of Ubuntu(Of course, what else). Now things are really very busted for him, and it isn’t easy to see the reason why as I helped him through the basic stuff, but rapidly got to a point where I would have had to ssh into his machine to look through some more things.


Fully supported means that the hardware vendor has come to the table with specs, hardware for testing. As yet Presonus has promised this but not delivered. So far ffado mixer only has presets for hardware that is fully supported. theoretically it should be possible to create a preset for the mixer if you want it badly enough. (also note that you will need a dbus enabled version of libffado.

I have used both the firebox and the fp10 in ubuntu and other than not being able to control the software mixer aspects the devices have worked fine.

Well, If I knew anything about creating presets, I might be willing to attempt it. however, it does seem like allot of hit and miss in order get it working properly. The interface itself is quite nice as far as use/sound goes, it’s a shame they have not yet delivered on their promise.

I think I’ll try messing with wine and the windows driver just for setting the interface. (probably a long shot though).