Presonus Firebox with Natty and Ardour

Hello all:

This is my first forum post in regards to Ardour so bare with me. I’ve used Cubase and Pro Audio in the Windows environment but I’ve recently switched over to Linux for good and I’m trying to get my DAW functional and I’m trying to learn Ardour.

I’ve got a Presonus Firebox for which I’ve installed a real time kernel, and can use JACK to initialize the Firebox. I then fire up Patchage but have NO clue as the how to connect the busses such that I can record both left and right channels in Ardour.

Here’s a screenshot of Patchage:

If someone could explain which connections to make, like I said to record both left and right channels from Mic Input into an audio track in Ardour…that would be so helpful.

Also, what would I have to do in Ardour as far as adding tracks?


Look at in particular the FLOSS manual.

Thanks! I’ve got that nailed down.

I still however only have left channel record/playback from my Presonus Firebox. How can I get a recording on both left and right channels? I’ve connected the Presonus input left and right channels in Jack to the Audio 1/in 1 and Audio 1/in2 in Ardour and still I only get a left audio channel while recording and or playback.

Thanks seablade. I’m OK with using only a mono track but how do I get playback on the right channel. I’m apparently missing something.

What is generally considered a mono track is a single input and two output. The panner takes the mono input and splits it to the two outputs with the proportion of volume of Left and Right based on the position of the panner. The two outputs of the mono track you would route to your master bus, which is generally two input and two output in Ardour. And the two outputs of the master bus are routed to playback 1 and 2 respectively.


If you only have a single mic, then all you have done is routed that mic to the left channel. You would need to route that mic to both channels, so Presonus_1 to Ardour Track 1 Inputs 1&2.

Personally I would ask why you feel you need to do this, as I would suggest just using a mono track instead of a stereo track as the signal you are capturing is still mono, it is just doubled in the case above.


Got it…Thanks!

Now if I could just get Ardour to allow me to hear the previous recording playing back while I dub over. I’ve got monitoring setup to use Ardour. Should I be doing something different?

Nevermind…I figured it out.