Presonus Faderport 16

Hello I installed avlinux and it comes with ardour 5.12 there in the mixer surface I only can find faderport 8 but I have a faderport 16 and if I choose the mackie mixer with extension the fader 9 to 16 does not have the motor fader function. I already update the presonus faderport with vision 3.42.
Is it possible that ardour make or have faderport 16 in mixer surface.
Else I was thinking to bring that mixer back to the store claiming incompatible use. Because I only see 8 faders moving.

Harrison Mixbus v5 has support for Faderport 16 as well as the one-fader Faderport version 2 (2018); it’s possible support for these control surfaces will be available in Ardour 6 since Mixbus already includes a number of features from Ardour 6. Or, it’s possible that Faderport 16 mapping was only developed for Mixbus and not Ardour, I don’t know (but Robin and Paul would know of course!).

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Ardour6 will have full support for it. It’s already available in builds.

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It was developed for Ardour first. However derivative products have different release cycles, and Harrison MIxbus cherry-picked the Faderport 16 control surface support from Ardour’s tree.

PS. It’s not just a mapping, Faderport 8/16 is tightly integrated, incl plugins, presets, control-link etc… applies to the FP16, too.

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Yeah if you want to switch over to Mixbux, the 16 works just great. It was my primary motivation for going to Mixbus but I can’t say I’m unpleased. Mixbus is incredible. The only complaint is that it is a bit more resource intensive than Ardour, but having the FP16 at my disposal has really helped my workflow.

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Thanks for the clarification, Robin. And yes, the integration is excellent; I use the one-fader Faderport v2, and really appreciate the fact that all the buttons work in native mode and there’s nothing to set up. In contrast, Reaper just came out with a new version that says it provides native support for Faderport v2, but eight of the buttons don’t do anything and the Reaper developer told me that if I wanted to use them I’d have to set them up myself.

Thanks Robin for your advice. I didn’t knowing about the nightly ardour.
I downloaded the demo and it works and of course I would like to purchase a Full version.
But is it not possible to just give one time purchase?
Because I read that it will be a monthly amount.
Is it true?
Like in the past when I had problems with midi dump then I got the advice to use other software.
So I really do not wanna pay for a daw which does not have that functionality.
I am willing to pay just one amount to see fairer and if vision 6 is full out with all functionality of course I willing to pay.


Ardour 6.0 has not yet been released.

When it is, you will be able to purchase it for either a single payment or via a subscription.

Hello Paul

I just transfer 1dollar just to can move on.
It will only support u for 31day.
I hope the program will not stop while iam recording. Because I understand to can work fairer I will need to pay another dollar over one month or do I be wrong.
I mean I would rather pay for ardour when it will be able to integrate my replica Tr09 and all the stuff where no drivers are written for Linux.
I mean I wrote Roland that I do not like that they make expensive products which are not compatible to Linux and we artist like to invest in hardware not in expensive software like Windows.
By you daw I really like to have one file which include everything audio export. It is really much better as cubase where often files got missing because of records while the computer crash and later the software still searching them.
For this I like ardour every fuse in the house can jump but Linux Ardour still rember asking me you want to recover and also I really like that I easy can record in 48khz and can use those files under 44khz in a other computer off course running longer slower but still good quality.
Good luck move forward.


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