Presonus 1824 Headphone 2 issue

Hello all. I am trying to figure out how to get my 2nd Headphone output on the presonus 1824 to work. In the manual it states that the headphone 1 out is tied to the main, which is 1&2, and the headphone 2 is connected to 3&4. I’ve tried all manner of connections, in Ardour, from the main outputs and still cannot get the second headphone output to work. Presonus has a stock controller, Universal Control, which doesn’t seem to be available for linux and is, by all accounts, not very good. Universal control is supposed to allow these connections. Ardour does not seem capable. Is this a JACK thing? I appreciate in advance any help with this. The internet seems to be inadequate with this issue as it pertains to linux.

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