Presets in FXP/FXB format

Hi, I have nice plugin -, but I cannot load presets. These are in .fxp and .fxb format and Ardour 6.5 does not work wit them. Is there some intention to implement into Ardour these type of files as presets?

No, it isn’t currently on the ToDo list. It is also complicated by the fact that those are non-free formats specific to VST2 and it would likely have to be clean room reverse engineered.
Some plugins that support FXP/B have direct loaders built-in.

The format been superseded by VST3 presets, which Ardour directly supports.

There are some tools available to convert presets to/from the ad-hoc format that Ardour uses for VST2 presets:

I assume you’re on Windows (since the plugin you’ve linked to only runs on Windows). You might be able to convert the files and then save them to %localappdata%\Ardour6\presets\.

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thanks a lot. SpotlightKid/ardour2fxp works well.

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