presets for vocals?

Using Ardour5 on ubuntu studio. Been trying to find presets of plugins for vocal effects, I can’t really find any at all. I’ve tried looking online for answers, but nothing out there I could find.

Does anyone know which plugins DO have vocal presets? Or does anyone have their own presets to share?

Or is there some other way to download extra packages? I have all the plugins installed and working that automatically come with ubuntu studio.

Big thanks for any help or tips,
lots of love,
Chemist geek that writes/composes and wants to record music at home

Vocal are usually processed first with a EQ and then a compressor. With the EQ you trim away unnecessary low frequencies so that vocals don’t overlap too much with other instruments. Then depending on the music style some compression is needed to make vocal volume more even. This helps it push through the other instruments in the mix. I usually use about 2.5:1 compression and adjust the compression threshold so that the compressor works most of the time but not too much. Then I usually add a mild a plate reverb effect to the vocals.

I don’t know of any plugins that have ready made presets for these things, but it is quite easy to do yourself. For EQ I use EQ10Q, can’t remember what the other are plugins are right now.

“real” presets you would find with u-he s presswerk or harrisons xt-multiband compressor (this one you only find with mixbus) but better would be making your own presets for vocals as it is not very hard and also eqing etc depends on 1. your room you record in 2 the style of music 3. your taste etc etc etc. so presets are not really necessary. better trust your ears. and start with mhartzels recommendation above