Presets Changing

I have some MIDI tracks that I’ve downloaded in a new project. (The tracks were made by someone else).

I’ve added all the synths but in two of the tracks the patches for these synths change every time I open the session. I can change them, save, close, and restart, and they will go back to a particular patch.

I’ve tried it with Zyn Fusion and Yoshimi (since they have similar sounds – but of course, they also share a lot of code), and they revert. Oddly, when I switched to Yoshimi, one the two tracks seems to not be reverting anymore, but the other one still does.)

The MIDI tracks had some patch changes that I could see and remove (they were marked with a box and the name of the instrument on top of the MIDI track at the point of change), but I cannot see any of those anymore.

Is there a way to find if something in the MIDI track is changing the patches?

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