Presenting my music made with Ardour in a TV Show

(Antonio de Almeida) #1

A local TV Channel selected my music to a presentation in last day 5. They posted in Youtube:

Now the people are voting to select the best music of the night (with 9 others music projects). The link to vote is:

All my musics are made with Ardour 5.12, so, thank you all developers, volunteers, and other people that made possible to make music in Linux with a wonderful quality.

(Gennargiu) #2

nice work, gnu linux and open sources programs are wonderful for music productions and hobbyes,ciao

(Doug) #3

Nice. Congrats, man!

(Antonio de Almeida) #4

Thank you!
The tracks are available to download in Jamendo and Soundcloud:

(Andres Maldonadoleon94) #5

awesome ! congrats man

(Antonio de Almeida) #6