preroll ?

i start with Ardour 4
in object mode, when i clic on a segment, and play, there is always a time before the segment like a preroll. How is it possible to not have this time ?

There is no pre-roll feature in ardour. There are various ways to get something similar, but no actual “pre-roll”.

I think you might have “Follow Edits” mode on. Try turning it off, you find it in the Transport menu.

Yes i have "follow edits"on, because i want that, i want my playhead always follow my edits, but the playhead is always 1 second before the edit

I always work with Follow Edits turned off. When you are in this mode you can move the “playhead” by moving the mouse pointer on any place in the session and pressing p on the keyboard. The playhead jumps to the mouse position.

Another maybe even an easier way to move the playhead is just to click on the area above tracks where the different rulers are (timeline etc). Playhead jumps to the position you clicked.

If you want to move on a single track by jumping from one clip to another, first click the track active by clicking in the area where the track name is. Now that the track is active you can jump from clip border to clip border with the cursor left / right keys.

I find the first method quite handy :slight_smile:

thank’s mhartzel, using p is a good way to work,
but i have my habits with protools, i would like to find the same way to work in editing. It’s a detail, i don’t understand, just 1 seconde preroll ! why ?

I also have a long history with Pro Tools (11 years). When I first started to seriously use Ardour about 2 years ago, I also wanted to change all Ardour keyboard shortcuts and make it work as closely as possible like Pro Tools. After some time I realized that if I tried to do this, I would be “fighting the default settings” the rest of my life. Then I decided to start adapting to the Ardour way of doing things. At first I found it tedious, but after some time work started to speed up.

I suggest that you invest some time in really learning Ardour. Take the time to find the new workflow for each and every job you used to do with Pro Tools and try to keep Ardour at it’s default settings if you can. The work you put into it really pays off after some time. Pro Tools feels easy to use only because you already have made this initial “investment” and you have programmed the workflows into you muscle memory.

There really is no one best way to design an audio editor. The coders have to consider pros and cons every time they add features. I don’t envy them, it’s not an easy job to find a good balance.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have problems finding how specific tasks are done in Ardour, some of us might already found a solution.

I think it would be nice if there were a wiki: “Ardour for Pro Tools users” where we could add hints and tips about best ways of doing things with Ardour.

your’re right !

Paul said:

There is no pre-roll feature in ardour. There are various ways to get something similar, but no actual “pre-roll”.

What various ways are there to get something similar?