Precount - count-in


ardour is really a nice software. but i am missing the precount function…u know, if i want to record something.i hit rec button, and the record starting. but i know from other daws, the metronom (click) count 2 bars before recording. can u say me, how can i do that?


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Let the click run for two or four bars and then start recording.

Afterwards, move the Start location marker to the beginning of your recording. Alt-L will get you the location marker settings. You can set the Start marker to the playhead position by using “use PH” on the relevant row.

Or utilize Punch-In and possibly Punch-Out markers(Same ruler as Loop ranges) and the controls in the top toolbar.


I red that it’s good to have some blank audio before and after the song (or else) for Mastering jobs…

Precount is really useful. I had this on Cubase my Atari ST :wink:
You can always add 2 bars before your song, but you generally don’t record all your song in one go, so if you want to record (or re-record) a part in the middle of your song, it’s easier to use precount to start at the right moment.

10 years revive ! In the meantime, Transport > Record w/Count-In ( has happened.

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you can also set it in the session properties dialog (session > prperties > misc > checkbox “always count-in when recording”)

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Thank you, I probably expected it to be in the toolbar. I’ve found it and I’m using it all the time now!