Pre-roll/Count-in space

Very often, I would like to start my project with measure 0 or -1 in order to have some space before measure 1 to allow audio files pre-roll or put some count-in audio there.
Is there a way to do such a thing?
As I am using music sheets with numbered measures, it’s always a “pita” if sheet measure numbers do not match Ardour project measure numbers.

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Does someone know, whether there will be something like that in Ardour 6?

You may want to read my posting more attentively. I am not asking for a pre-roll with click, I am asking for space at the beginning of the song without screwing up my measure-sequence-numbers.
I do know, that I can have a count-in click.

If you simply want “space” that isn’t counting off bars and beats, you can literally grab the meter on the timeline and drag it over. Just left click on “4/4” or whatever the time signature is near the top of the editor and drag it over however much you want so that the 1 of the first bar is wherever you deem appropriate for your project.


This is technically Mixbus but its exactly the same in Ardour. You can skip to 1:40 for what I am talking about:

Cool, I didn’t know that. Thanks!

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