Pr3to - A demo made with 8 tracks

This is a maqueta (dont know the word in english for it but its a low quality or rough demo) made all by me using only 8 tracks, all edited, mixed and mastered using Ardour 3 Alpha 4, Mastered using Alpha 6.

All instruments including the crappy drums were played by me (that’s why they’re crappy heh…)

Any input in general will be much appreciated, especially if about mix and master (which i want to improve a lot but don’t have enough experience on it).


After hearing it a couple of times and playing along over it, here are my comments (as an amateur drummer):

Pretty good. I think the drum part has to be played correctly and recorded again, but the overall conception is pretty good. keep on the good work!

I have no mixing experience, I just play drums. I really like the drum pattern and the mix, especially the detail of the hihats, which in many recordings is lost. Maybe adding a little more punch to the kick would make it even better and make the rhythm more firm. Also, some variations with more kicks at certain moments can emphasize the song and provide a feeling of progression.

At about 1.30min, you could bring the vocals closer to the centre of the stereo image, and maybe add some background fills with a rock organ

PS. what does this song talk about? could you post a translation of the lyrics in english?

thanks a lot for the comments im actually in the proccess of finding a real drummer to record that as it should, will definetly use your comments about the drums.

I thought of the stereo image as a sort of duet between the voice and the lead guitar, but will check 1:30 and add some midi sounds as soon as i understand how to use it heh…

the song is about a person (in first person) finding he’s not alone but there’s another person that is sort of “like him” but in a different way… the lyrics goes something like this:

I thought i was alone
i’d swear i was the only one
i woke up walking a familiar hallway… a deja vu… maybe
but there you are…
an absurd image of me
a bright side… on the coin

thats repeated exactly on the second half…

again thanks a lot for your comments.