Powerstance Mimosa


Bandshed Records is proud to present ‘Powerstance Mimosa’. This punky-alt trio just released their EP which balances noisy punk with catchy tunes and choruses that stick like a wet booger. They did all the heavy lifting and gleefully experimented with sounds and textures in the studio and I helped with final mixes and mastering.

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea here but if you liked Blur in the 90’s you may like this, I’m a bit biased but their pure enjoyment of trying stuff in the studio really reminded me that making music should be glorious not laborious.

Recorded with Ardour 5.5


Very nice! I especially liked “Margarita”. Good song, creative while feeling familiar. Your mastering skills sound pro, GMaq.

Hi GuntherT

Thanks for taking time to listen and comment, I find U-he Presswerk’s Limiter to be a really useful tool for mastering, it’s easy to dial in and retains a nice warmth. Recently I A/B’d some mixes with ‘landr’ the online mastering service and found that the U-he stuff compared very favourably.