Post hardcore/ Alternative songs in Ardour 3.3

I used Big Mono drums and the guitars were line-in through a very basic early 90’s BOSS “instrument mixer” into my Soundblaster Live! card.
These aren’t as great as they could be, they’re about a month old and I made them before my computer crashed (so I can’t edit any of these songs)

Can anybody suggest what I can do to make the drums sound bigger and somewhat more room sounding?
I had an idea to play the track through loud speakers in a nice room and mic that, any good?
I’m unsure of ways to do it digitally.

  • Joel

Create a bus, aux send or input the drums into the bus, and compress the bus. You can compress the hell out of the bus and play it in parallel with the uncompressed drums for a really big sound. How much you compress it and how much you shorten the attack and release depends on how much of a pumping sound you want. Put some reverb on another bus and pipe the uncompressed drums into the reverb bus. EQ the reverb bus for the desired amount of boominess (that’s aside from selecting the type of reverb and its decay). Again, keep the raw drums in the mix - this helps keep the original clarity of the drums going.